Summit Mission Alliance has defined three areas that we intentionally develop and to which we devote our time, talents, and treasures – Congregational HealthRelational Discipleship, and Local Mission

These three areas work together like the legs of a tripod; we need all three to be strong and secure. We focus on these areas in both the places where we already have established ministries and in the places we have and will identify to develop new ministries. 

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Congregational Health includes things like calling and supporting pastors, ensuring proper systems and personnel are in place for financial management, ensuring the appropriate structures and lay leadership are in place for a congregation’s life together, and facilitating clear communication between members. Just like a nuclear family thrives when there are healthy systems in place, so too a congregation, which is a family of believers, thrives most fully when these healthy systems exist. As we work toward Congregational Health, we make it a priority for our systems and ministries to be light-weight and low-maintenance, with a high degree of cooperation between congregations whenever possible.  We emphasize this for two reasons. One, in order to use our resources most efficiently, and two, so that our members aren’t bogged down with the day-to-day operations of church business, but instead are freed up to live as missionaries to their own neighborhoods and networks.