Our Staff

In order for Summit Mission Alliance to accomplish the work given to us by the Lord we have developed a plan for the expansion of our staff. Some staff positions will be full-time paid, others may be part-time paid, and yet others may be strictly volunteer. This is staff plan is fluid and, as with all things, is submitted to Jesus’ leading and provision.

Since Christ Lutheran Church in Breckenridge functions as the hub of Summit Mission Alliance, the staff positions listed below serve aspects of both Summit Mission Alliance and Christ Lutheran.

  • lead missionary


    Pastor Larry McGurer serves as the lead missionary and executive director for Summit Mission Alliance. He leads the visioning process and spends time fostering and nurturing relationships with individual Christians and congregations outside Summit Mission Alliance, as well as relationships with the local communities within which Summit Mission Alliance serves. He officially began serving in this position in July of 2019. Pastor Larry also serves as the pastor at Christ Lutheran in Breckenridge.

  • director of communications


    Crystal has been serving in this role since the inception of Summit Mission Alliance. She is a contracted worker who serves remotely from Minnesota. Her work includes the development and maintenance of the websites, social media, and email for the various entities affiliated with Summit Mission Alliance.

  • alliance missionaries

    As the Spirit leads, there will quite possibly be the need for other pastors, vicars, and teachers within Summit Mission Alliance. We continue to pray to the Lord for the details and timing for all such positions.