The health of the body of Christ is dependent upon relationships between Christians. We believe this to be true in general for individual Christians, for congregations, and for Christian associations. In our particular community we have been given a heightened awareness of this need by the seemingly ever-revolving door of both tourists and residents. Partnerships with those outside of our community give us much needed stability and support. These partnerships take a variety of shapes.

If you're interested in partnering with Summit Mission Alliance, please contact Pastor Larry at

  • Being located in a resort community means that we are blessed with many visitors in our worship services. The Holy Spirit has led many of these individuals to support Summit Mission Alliance through their personal offerings.

  • Mission groups visiting our community can partner with us in a multitude of ways. Some groups are able to help us serve our local neighbors by helping with the cleanup on a trail, painting a home, or serving the poor in our midst. Other groups can help by running a Vacation Bible School for our community’s youth. It all depends on the specifics of the group coming joining us. 

  • We have two designations for congregations that partner with us.

    Member Congregations: are formally part of the Summit Mission Alliance. As such, these congregations commit a portion of their general offering to Summit Mission Alliance and also use their various resources to facilitate the work of SMA in their particular location. These congregations also have representation in the SMA Board of Directors.

    Supporting Congregations: are not formally part of SMA, but they do give in various ways to support our ministry. This could be budgeted, ongoing support. It could be inviting Pastor Larry to preach at their congregation to raise awareness to our work. It could also be the sending of a group of individuals to bolster our local mission and ministry efforts. 

  • We are part of the Denver Northwest Circuit. Our circuit consists of 12 congregations ranging from the Denver area all the way up to the mountains. “Gospel Gaps” is the name of our circuit’s mission focus. The other congregations of our circuit have given significant support to Summit Mission Alliance to seed our work. 

  • We continue to work with the Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF). LCEF provides financial and planning resources to the congregations of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in an effort to further their mission and ministry to their local community. In particular, SMA has been through LCEF’s Ministry Clarity process and has a mortgage that is held by LCEF.