The Summit Mission Alliance wants to see Compassion, Community, and Communion with Christ offered to every person in the central Colorado mountains.

In order to work toward that vision we PreparePlant, and Provide for our missionaries, trusting that as we do so they will be able to lead the local church in mission from a place of personal health and strength. In order to accomplish this, the Summit Mission Alliance cultivates the relationships of our congregations/entities with each other and the broader church.

Here's a short video from Pastor Larry about the work SMA does and why it's important:


Healthy Life Rhythms: God has created us for rest, work, and recreation.

Unconditional Relationships: Our love for others is based upon God's love for us, not the manner in which others respond to us.

Unity: We are one with the church of God.

Movement: Jesus saved us for the works of God and His kingdom.

Engagement with People: We desire to be known by others and to make an impact for God's Kingdom.