Property and buildings are gifts from God that we get to use in service to Him and others. This plan gives an overview of the improvements to and expansion of Summit Mission Alliance facilities. 

  • Due to the high cost of housing in Summit County relative to other places in the country, it was determined that the purchase of a parsonage for a pastor and his family was critical for the ongoing mission and ministry to this community. The desire to emphasize local and relationship-based mission, coupled with the travel issues associated with the winter weather of the Colorado mountains, made buying a home within Summit County a top priority, even though that raised the cost.

    During the Advent season of 2019 the Seeking the Summit capital campaign began for the primary purpose of raising funds for the purchase of the parsonage. As of January 2021, over $700,000 has been pledged to the campaign, and $550,000 of that has been received.

    In March of 2020 the parsonage was purchased for $910,000. $210,000 was made as a down payment and a $700,000 mortgage was taken out from Lutheran Church Extension Fund. As of January 2021, the remaining principle on the mortgage is under $500,000. 

  • There is a plan to update this facility to maximize its functionality and freshen up its appearance. This will include things like modern audio and visual equipment, updated light fixtures, and a fresh coat of paint. There is also a desire to maximize the flexibility of the building’s use by outside groups from our local community. This is due to the reality that there is need for medium-sized, affordable gathering spaces in Summit County. This is one more way to build relationships with and serve the people of the local community

  • Christ Lutheran Church owns three vacant, adjoining lots south of the church building. The plan is to use these lots to expand the mission and ministry of Summit Mission Alliance. We are currently exploring building a new childcare and preschool facility that is tailored to the specific needs of Open Arms. This would also enable Christ Lutheran to recapture the space that Open Arms is currently utilizing for things like children’s church, office space for additional staff, hosting retreats from outside groups, and beyond. The property development plans also include an outdoor worship space and provisions for a future retreat center. See the preliminary drawings by LOA Architecture (www.loaarchitecture.com) below.

  • The scope of Summit Mission Alliance’s work spans the Colorado’s Central Mountain Region. There are a multitude of church plant and revitalization opportunities in this area that could include facility work. One of these opportunities may be a partnership with Good Shephard Lutheran Church in Leadville. We are currently in dialogue with their leadership. They are a small congregation with limited resources. There is no pastor serving them at this time. They own a church building and parsonage, both of which could use some facility upgrades.